Must-Buy Pressure Washer Models

by Beatrice Bruschi

Besides cleaning decks, siding, and cars, pressure washers can remove mold, clean lawn equipments, and lot more around the home. Their power is the secret. Garden hoses typically emit water at less than 40 psi, whereas pressure washers, powered by gas or electricity, throw out water at 1,000 psi to 4,000 as per their models.

It is more common for professionals, or those tasked with the toughest jobs, such as graffiti removal, to use pressure washers that produce 2,800 psi or even more of water pressure than for regular household use.

Best Pressure Washer Types

As per ratings, reviews, and customer feedback, several ressure washer typs exist. Let us review two of them.

Simpson Cleaning MSH3125 MegaShot Gas Pressure Washer

Simpson Cleaning MegaShot Gas Pressure Washer is among the top most pressure washers available. It features a reliable GC190 engine of Honda. With a maximum pressure of 3,000 psi and a flow rate of 2.5 GPM, this device is ideal for cleaning your home, driveways, patios, furnitures, cars, and other painted surfaces. Using the pressure washer for cleaning various areas of the house, including decks, grills, driveways, and ATV, our tester noted that because the machine is very powerful.


  • Comprises of powerful motor
  • The washer has a high-pressure capacity


  • It’s very expensive
  • There are a few complaints about oil leaks and pump design

Best Electric Washer: Sun Joe 2030 MAX PSI 1.76 GPM 14.5 Amp

The downside to these electric power washer produts is that you need to keep yourself near to any electrical outlet because you don’t need to change the oil. It delivers approx. 2,030 psi at the rate of 1.75 GPM, making it one of the most highly rated electric pressure washers today. It is available with the detergent tanksm which are dual and five spray tips (quickly connecting) for tackling a variety of cleanins. This model was used to clean many areas around the home (small ones), including patios furnitures, picket fences, sidings, and grills, and the device is no doubt able to remove grease plus dirt with ease.


  • It comprises dual detergent tanks
  • It shuts off automatically
  • The washer is reasonably quiet


  • The washer is not high-powered
  • It has no storage for hose
  • It has a short extension wand

Summing it all up, you should consider how various pressure washer productss are powered. Electric and gas models are both available, each with enefits and disadvantages.

Pressure washers powered by electricity tend to be cheap or of low costs, light, and easy to maintain. As an added benefit, they produce less pollution. The downside to electric models is that they are generally less in power as compared to the gas ones, and you should connect them to an electrical outlet. For example, this pressure washer is mostly used to clean car(s), patios, furnitures, and grill(s) around the house. You can take care of grills and modls in this case specifically because these are the important factors to consider for smooth decision making. This wil help you surely in all aspects.

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